Sunday, October 28, 2012

geek girl | october 28, 2012

Hola, geeklings! I've got so much more to share with you tonight besides the usual picks, including awesome news for fans of Adam Baldwin (John Casey in Chuck and Jayne Cobb in Firefly, not to mention a fabulous appearance in the movie Independence Day)!


Adam has been cast in a major role in a new series called Last Ship that's currently being pitched to TNT. Here's hoping that they pick up the pilot! Get the full scoop at Cinema Blend.

I think news of this magnitude calls for yet another viewing of this video. Warning- if you've never seen Firefly, this will make no sense to you whatsoever. :)

And while I'm posting videos, I should probably include the new Iron Man 3 trailer, just released this week! I cannot wait for this movie!

If that's not enough video for you, how about one more- it's another teaser for Angry Birds Star Wars, due out on November 8th.

Lots of fun stuff to look forward to!

And of course I have the usual geeky roundup for you today, too!


From the top left:

  • Cupcakes Take the Cake has found yet another awesome set of Star Wars cupcake- love the fondant work on these!
  • Artist Nick Scurfield posted a great Boba Fett/astromech mashup.
  • Painted Minion pumpkins...could they be any cuter?!!? Check them out over at Craftberry Bush.
  • I can't even begin to imagine how long it took to make these balloon costumes. There's a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles version in addition to Buzz Lightyear when you click through the link.
  • Sears is now selling a line of Star Wars slippers, of all things!
  • Check out how one Star Wars fan decked out his yard with scarecrows from a galaxy far, far away.
  • You can't miss the fact that it's election season here in the US, and of course there's plenty of campaign-related humor to go around. Stellar Four posted a roundup of science fiction and fantasy characters and pitted them against each other in mock elections. Funny stuff, especially when you get to the one about Sherlock Holmes.
  • My brother is currently obsessed with my new Star Wars model X-Box 360, so posting this super-cool R2-D2 NES build might just be rubbing salt in that wound. Sorry, J!!
  • This replica Batcave was built using a mind-boggling 20,000 Lego pieces- incredible!