Tuesday, September 11, 2012

update on amy tangerine ready. set. go. date stamps from american crafts

It's no secret that I have mad love for library-style date stamps, especially when they come with cute little selectable phrases. They're so inexpensive (usually about $5), and since I use one on every single layout I make I consider them to be a good investment. So, as you can imagine, I was pretty excited when the newest crop of American Crafts releases that debuted at CHA Summer 2012 included lots of date stamps!

I've already blogged about finding Amy Tan's orange-handled date stamp from her Ready. Set. Go. collection at JoAnn (and it's also now available at Two Peas in a Bucket), but there was also a second date stamp peeked for that same line- this one with a blue/aqua handle and a different selection of phrases. I'd nearly forgotten about it until Christine emailed me yesterday to see if I knew what what up with the second stamp. It didn't arrive at Two Peas when the rest of Ready. Set. Go. did, but it was clearly supposed to be part of the release, as shown in an excerpt from the AC catalog below.


Christine (who is as big of a date stamp junkie as I am) and I were hoping that the second stamp hadn't been cancelled, and I decided to email Amy Tan to see if she had any insight she could share on its whereabouts (so, yes, yesterday my email inbox looked like Grand Central Station for library date stamp information!). Amy quickly emailed me back and said that the aqua/blue handled stamp was not cut from the release and was simply delayed, and then emailed again a while later to let me know that she'd checked with American Crafts, and the new stamp is scheduled to be delivered to the AC warehouse tomorrow. Big thanks to Amy for being so helpful!

That still means that AC needs to receive the shipment, unpack it, and then repack it to ship to retailers (who then have to unpack and stock it), so there's a bit more time to wait, but it is definitely on the way!

With the mystery of the blue Ready. Set. Go. date stamp settled, there are still two others that are either MIA or hard to pin down. The first is the woodgrain handled stamp that's part of the Classic Calico 3 release by Studio Calico. I can only assume that it ran into the same production delays as Amy's collection's second stamp, and I've put in an email to American Crafts to try to track down that information- I'll let you guys know if they respond.


The second date stamp that's been a bit hard to find is a surprise Christmas version that's been popping up at Hobby Lobby stores, as is being discussed here and here on Two Peas in a Bucket. I've checked several stores in my area and a few others while on travel, and haven't yet located this particular stamp myself. I don't know if this was a surprise addition to the Kringle & Co collection that AC released at the Summer CHA show (a date stamp was not included in the catalog or in the sneak peeks) or if it is exclusive to Hobby Lobby. I've also got questions in to American Crafts about this and will keep you posted!

Also upcoming is the new date stamp included in Elizabeth Kartchner's new 5th and Frolic addition to her Dear Lizzie signature line. This collection isn't slated to start shipping until October, so we've got some time before I expect to see this one available. The older stamp from her Neapolitan collection, released at the Winter 2012 CHA Show, can be found in the Two Peas store.


Just call me the crazy date stamp lady. :)