Tuesday, September 25, 2012

project life 2012 | week 23

project life 2012 - week 23.jpg

Way back in July and August when I was trekking back and forth to Ohio on work trips every other week, I toted along my Project Life album along with a Studio Calico kit or two and worked on getting a few weeks' worth of photos caught up. And then I arrived back home to a huge box of DCWV goodness and decided to go ahead and do weeks with those collections and post them right away, so these weeks have been waiting patiently to be posted for quite a while now!


While I was really happy to plow through several weeks of layouts in such a short timespan, there are some that I absolutely had to make myself sit down and do- like this one from the week Griffin died. I didn't take a lot of photos that week (I was pretty drained), so I ended up filling in spots with receipts, bits of packaging, and whatever else I could find to take up space. And, yes, that's a photo of my bathroom on the right-hand page. It's where Griffin spent his last night at home (he had to be isolated from the other cats so I could monitor his food/water levels), and something in me just wanted a photo of that before I cleaned it all up.


Some weeks are better than others, but it's all life and it's all in the album. And there are happy photos here, too, like a trip to the farmer's market (when I decided on Saturday that I had to get out for a while), Darren coming home from his trip to Kenya, and adventures in grilling.

If I could sum this one up in a few words, it would be "life goes on."

Curious as to what this whole Project Life thing is about? Check out Becky Higgins' blog for more details and to see a super cute video that explains it all. You can shop for Project Life products here on Amazon

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