Sunday, September 30, 2012

geek girl | september 30, 2012

Good evening, geeklings! I'm getting ready to settle my still-slightly-under-the-weather self in for a Doctor Who double header (I've got two weeks of episodes to catch up on, thanks to iTunes), and it seems fitting that tonight's geeky roundup includes a couple of Doctor Who items.

Enjoy! I'm off to watch the Ponds, Daleks, and some Weeping Angels in Manhattan!


From the top left:

  • I'm filing this one in the "well, that was inevitable" category. Firebox has a product page up for a Sonic Screwdriver toothbrush, though at the time of this post it wasn't available for purchase just yet.
  • Amanda Visell has crafted the most amazing vintage-style wood Star Wars figures I've ever seen. Boba Fett is pictured above, and I encourage you to click through to her site to see more of them!
  • Her Universe has recently added Doctor Who to the list of geeky brands on their licensing list. This "Fish Fingers and Custard" top is one of several new offerings in their lineup. And if you don't get the reference, get thee to Netflix and start streaming Doctor Who, pronto!
  • Ooooooooooooooh! Check out these Toy Story inspired alien cake pops at Cupcakes Take the Cake.
  • This super fun Batgirl themed party was featured on Amy Atlas' blog.
  • Kody Koala posted a custom-made Hungry Hungry Koopas game on his blog, putting a decidedly Mario spin on the classic kids' game.
  • This Lego Star Wars clock (with interchangeable minifigs!) is one of many geeky DIY crafts over at Instructables.
  • Yes, it's Pokemon. Again. Bit Rebels featured a series of geeky gaming jewelry charms including characters from several well-known franchises. 
  • It's a purse! It's Legos! It's both! And it's fully functional and for sale at Agabag's Etsy shop.