Sunday, August 5, 2012

geek girl | august 5, 2012

Good evening, geeklings! I hope that you've had happy and Olympics-filled weekends. I've been in DVR purgatory on that front, but I might have finally settled everything out- only time will tell. There's a side of being a technology geek that's fun (that would be when stuff works) and a side that is, shall we say, less than optimal when everything decides to fritz out all at once.

In the vein, you won't find anything techy at all in any of this week's picks. In fact, they're all quite sweet! So sit back and enjoy this week's selection of fine cake, cupcake, and part geekery.


From the top left:
  • I found these super adorable Stormtrooper cupcakes at Cupcakes Take the Cake- the source for many of this week's picks...
  • this selection of Star Wars character cupcakes!
  • Want a whole Star Wars themed party? Amy Atlas has that loveliness on her blog.
  • Oh, Ninja Turtles, thank goodness that Michael Bay's plan to reboot your franchise with an alien twist has been put on hold (let's hope indefinitely). I prefer to remember you as you were, immortalized on these cupcakes.
  • Zakka Life posted an entirely too adorable Lord of the Rings themed birthday.
  • What do 144 Super Mario themed cupcakes look like? This!
  • This post at Bit Rebels features a birthday that combines Legos, Star Wars, and Harry Potter into one big, fantastically geeky cake.
  • I always have a hard time deciding between Beaker and Animal as my favorite Muppets, but luckily these fabulous cupcakes from Cupcakes Take the Cake feature both!
  • Amy Atlas is back with one more pick this week, and this time it's an Angry Birds themed dessert table. Love!