Monday, July 30, 2012

project life | week 28 with basic grey's shine on

project life 2012 week 28.jpg

For this week's Project Life share, I decided to pull out my Week 28 photos (skipping around again) because they worked so well with one of the collections that I've had waiting off to the side to use in this album- Basic Grey's Shine On, which is available exclusively at JoAnn stores (along with its sister line, Serendipity).


Shine On is somewhat birthday themed, but not so much so that it won't work with everyday photos, too. My pictures for this week did include a birthday party, though since it was at a swimming pool and I picked one of the water photos to use you really can't tell- ha ha! I stuck a birthday hat chipboard piece on the photo, anyway, and it worked rather nicely.

This is another one of those weeks where all the cool stuff happened on the weekend. In fact, on this particular Saturday we drove up to the Tennessee Aquarium to take a little behind the scenes tour that included getting to help feed the fish in the saltwater tank- such a cool experience, and I'll have more photos of it to share later.


This week's spread is much more simple than many others that I've put together, and for good reason. This past weekend was insanely rushed for time as I prepared to go out of town for another week for a work assignment. I drove all day Sunday and only had time to scrap on Saturday in between rounds of cleaning the house and packing for my trip. I worked on this spread in short 15 minute sessions as I had time, and I probably only spent an hour or so total getting it ready. I love that some weeks can be all scrappy and intricate and others can be simple- the fact that each week has a similar format helps the album hang together as a whole no matter what supplies or style are used for each layout.

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