Thursday, July 12, 2012

pink paislee layout | planes, trains, and autos


I've got one more Pink Paislee layout that's been waiting in the wings for a while- this time using the London Market collection that I straight-up flipped out over in the last release. Map prints? Soft grays? Yes, please!


This page was made for a Pink Sketch that I'm not sure was ever released, and since the sketch called for three square photos I turned to trusty Instagram for my images. Only one of these photos (the large one) was actually shot on my iPhone, and the other two are from my Nikon DSLR (all shot during the same trip to D.C. last October)- I just uploaded them to my phone and ran them through the same filter as the first photo so they'd all have a similar feel.



See, I told you I'd keep the projects coming this week, even in the midst of all the CHA release news! And, just to thank you for hanging in there with me all week throughout the crazy massive number of posts (just a few more of those to go before the show starts!), I'll even have another project tomorrow in addition to the usual Friday Favorites.

See you then!

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