Wednesday, July 11, 2012

pink paislee layout | cat nap


We're in the midst of new release season, but I've got a layout to share this evening made with one of Pink Paislee's previously released collections from CHA Winter 2012. This Indigo Bleu layout was originally created as an easily-replicated design for a Pink Project downloadable instruction sheet, but Pink Paislee hasn't made a new one of those in a while and is going in a new direction with their projects and will be offering (free!!) downloadable idea books for new lines in the future (be sure to check out their latest one for the Declaration line).

Whew, that was a long sentence. Better show you a layout and let you rest...


...okay, rested up? :)

Darren was thriiiiiiilled (ha!) when I showed him this page. He professes over and over not to like the cats, but I have dozen of photos of him sitting, lounging, or napping with at least one of them draped over him.


I had fun with this one- a bit of misting on the letters, a bit of heat embossing with stamps. Just a few technique-y touches here and there, but not a ton.


I have one other older (well, relatively older in terms of the lightning fast pace of scrapbook product turnover) Pink Paislee layout laying around here somewhere that I still need to post. I'll have that up either later this week or sometime next week, but in the meantime the peeks and pre-CHA hoopla will roll on!

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