Wednesday, July 25, 2012

layout | read


Miss Sophie loves to read. Or, more correctly, loves to be read to (though she can babble her way through a book on her own like nobody's business). There are definitely some books that are more beloved than others, like her current favorite, Llama, Llama, Red Pajama. Even mentioning the word "llama" in my niece's presence is a major no-no, lest you find yourself sitting down to read the book to her one or two (or fifty) times. You'd think that "llama" would be an easy word to avoid in everyday conversation, but it's amazing how often it seems to come up when Darren and I are talking. Hey, we're wacky that way.


In this photo, though, Darren is not in fact reading to my niece about domesticated South American camelids, and is instead introducing her to a new book (that we bought for her on a recent trip to the Tennessee Aquarium) about a baby penguin and his family. It still qualifies as adorable. 


The title is actually hand-cut from a sheet of Basic Grey paper from the PB&J collection, and it's a lot larger than the letter stickers I normally work with! Luckily I was able to tuck the journaling away in a tiny Maya Road envelope, reducing the amount of stuff I had to make room for on the page.


This (and several of my layouts this week, actually) is one of those no-design team, no-assignment, just-for-fun type pages that I just had fun making- I'm definitely trying to work more of those in these days!

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