Saturday, July 28, 2012

independence 5k 2011 + 4th of july fireworks

No, that's not a typo- I did indeed mean to say 2011. You see, I have the photos from the 2012 run of the Independence 5K ready to post, but I never finished editing last year's and decided to get them finished first. Last year I didn't get the photos from my Dad's camera until several months after the event, and then one thing after another happened and I just never finished processing and posting them. Time to fix it now- hope you don't mind a double-dose of my personal photos this weekend!


The 2011 Independence 5K was something special. I'd run it for two years prior, but this year I was joined by my teenage cousins, Jake and Michelle, both of whom run on their high school cross country team. We were all pretty excited to run together, though you really can't tell by the look on Jake's face- ha!


These photos are from a mix of two cameras- Dad shot with his Canon, and I loaned my aunt Tina, Jake and Michelle's mom, my Nikon. It's really cool looking back now to see the two different perspectives.

As you can see, I'm nowhere near the start line- I'm not crazy enough to think I'll finish first! Michelle and I are back somewhere in the middle of the pack, but Jake...


...well, Jake was near the front, and quite honestly he deserved to be! More on that in a bit.


Well, actually more on that right now. Since the course was a down and back and, Dad and Tina waited at the finish line for us, so those are the next pictures that I have. Mom cheered us on at the midpoint, but didn't have a camera with her.

Speaking of the midpoint, it was pretty poorly marked, and Jake and three other runners at the front of the pack actually ran a couple of tenths of a mile past it before looping back.


And, even with that, Jake finished third overall. Amazing. If he hadn't missed the turn, he probably would have won overall.


I came chugging in a good seven minutes later, which still resulted in a personal best for me (at the time- I've since cut that time down by over a minute).




Michelle and I ran most of the course fairly close together until we hit the turnaround and started back. There's a massive hill just after the halfway point (right when you think you're going to die, anyway), and it's killer. Michelle had been struggling with a foot injury all season and fell back at that point, but still finished with an awesome time.


I love this look on her face- sheer determination. You go, girl!



There's usually an hour or so gap between finishing the race and the announcement of the results, and luckily my hometown puts on a cute li'l fair type thing in conjunction with all the Independence Day festivities.


We headed straight for the snow cones to cool off...




...and then really cooled off here! A local heating/cooling company set up a big tent on their booth site...and they air conditioned it! It was freezing cold inside, and we loved it! Jake and I have the same theory on running in the heat- it's perfectly fine as long as you keep moving, but the minute you stop it's just gross. This AC tent went a looooong way toward fixing that!


Back at the awards ceremony, we learned that not only did Jake take third overall- he was also first in his age division!


Michelle took second in hers and was really happy.


And I took third in mine. W00t! I'm always happy just to place. :)



I don't understand their ribbon coloring...I always thought that blue was first, red was second, and white was third, but, anyway...


After resting at home for a while, I dragged Mom and Dad back up to the fair so I could wander around.


The old tractors and steam engines are always cool to see.


And there's usually yummy food, too! Mom went healthy and got a massive frui kabob.


Dad and I, though, opted for the slightly less healthy route...


...and split a funnel cake! Hey, I'd just run three miles- don't judge! 


And then that night we went out for our annual fireworks photography expedition. Dad and I literally take hundreds of shots, with the cameras set up on tripods and using remote releases so we can both watch and photograph the show at the same time. I'll spare you having to look at all of my fireworks pics, but here are a few of my favorites.