Sunday, July 29, 2012

geek girl | july 29, 2012

Oh, my, what a weekend! I just finished an 8-hour drive to work out of town this coming week, but I wanted to make sure I got Geek Girl posted before I crashed for the night! I'm sure that this week will bring much Olympic geekiness for me (after all, I, the insane Olympics nut, have a hotel room complete with flat screen TV to myself for the next six nights), but if you're looking for more...well, geeky, geekiness, then these picks are just for you!


From the top left:

  • Lucasfilm and its many publishing partners are hosting a Star Wars Reads day on October 6, 2012. Check with your local library or bookstore to see if they're participating in the festivities- it'll be a great way to get your younglings hooked on the good stuff for life. :)
  • If you're already hooked on Star Wars lit, then you'll be happy to learn that there's a new book coming out that wraps up events after the big Fate of the Jedi arc. covers the details of the novel, announced at San Diego ComicCon, here, and Club Jade also posted a blurb here. You can find more about all things Star Wars that were announced at SDCC here.
  • Two great British traditions collide in this Doctor Who/Jane Austen mashup. Yes, I already have the t-shirt on order- it definitely fell into the "need" category!
  • I totally LOL'ed at this Han Solo vs. Mal Reynolds comic at Hijinks Ensue.
  • There are no words for this Millennium Falcon skirt, so I'm just going to link it up and let you have a look for yourself.
  • Yarnbombing was a completely new concept for me until I came across this post with photos of an amazing R2-D2 creation. Now I need to learn to knit, pronto!
  • Star Wars ships, steampunk, and Legos. What's not to love? Via Bit Rebels.
  • Tonight I've got two amazing home theaters to share, starting with this ultimate Star Wars screening room. Ummmm, I want!
  • And if Star Trek is more your style (hi, J!), then this Enterprise helm theater might be right up your alley.