Sunday, July 22, 2012

geek girl | july 22, 2012

Good evening, geeklings! I hope you've got your sweet tooth on tonight, because lots of this week's picks are cake, food, and general party eats related- there have been so many great geeky noms around lately that I just couldn't help it!


From the top left:

  • The Li'l Darth infant onsie- it's what all well-dressed Sith babies are wearing this season (via L'il Geeks on Etsy).
  • This Star Wars themed birthday party is completely adorkable in every way!
  • Darth Vader makes the best groom's cake ever!! 
  • There definitely have not been enough Muppets around here lately (to try make up for it I did wear my Fraggle Rock t-shirt to the gym today), so how about some Miss Piggy cake pops to fill the void? There's Fozzy Bear, too, if you click through the link.
  • If the idea of throwing your alarm clock off the room to shut it up appeals to you, then you might want this Jedi training remote version that lets you do exactly that! I often want to throw my alarm across the room in the morning, but since I use my iPhone to wake me up I try to refrain...
  • We've had Star Wars and Muppets sweets to far, so how about an Angry Birds birthday party next? 
  • A couple of months ago I linked up to a post on Suvudu aimed at helping new Star Wars readers find their entry-point into the series. I usually tell people to start with Heir to the Empire (it's where I started, after all, and I'm still somewhat normal :) ) and then move to the X-Wing novels next. This interesting piece on Suvudu, however, recommends starting with the X-Wing flyboys first- interesting stuff!
  • Ahhhh, more Muppets! This adorable Muppets dessert table is courtesy of Amy Atlas' blog.
  • James Hance, the master of squee-worthy cute Star Wars mashups, has gone Rockwellian on the saga. I also highly recommend checking out his Wookie the Chew series.