Sunday, June 24, 2012

geek girl | june 24, 2012

My geek girl-ish hands are practically covered in paint as I'm typing this. You see, I spent allllll day long engaging in the super fun activity known as "painting doors." And not just any doors...noooo, they had to be exterior doors that had to be taken off the hinges in order to be properly painted, meaning that the entire job (consisting of two primer and two finish coats) had to be done in a single day.

For four doors.


As you can imagine, I'm happy to escape to geeksville for just a few moments, where I'm sure they have 'droids or some such to do the door painting for them. Or else they simply press an unwilling (and possibly unwitting) minion into service to do it at blaster-point. I'd be good with either way right now!

This week's (door-free) geeky picks are:


From the top left:

  • Oh, no, there are doors here after all!! Oh, well, at least they're cool doors in an M.C. Escher inspired Lego scene.
  • This amazing AT-AT build is made out of paper, believe it or not! And not only that, it was made as part of a contest at SVG Cuts- yes, this papercrafty wonder could have been included in Friday Favorites, too!
  • Club Jade rounded up some amazing photos from behind the scenes of The Empire Strikes Back.
  • We've had lots of R2-D2 style mods around here, and also lots of cufflinks and lots of geeky USB drives. Never, though, has there been a pick that combined all three- until now!
  • There are lots of new officially licensed Star Wars iPhone cases on their way to stores, including this fab R2-D2 (there he goes again!) version.
  • Someone reimagined Space Invaders with Star Wars sprites, so we can cross that mashup off the list now. :)
  • I would love to use these fantastic Star Wars tiles in my (hopefully soon to be upcoming) kitchen remodel, but alas at $360 for 6, they're a bit out of my budget per square foot for flooring.
  • I think I need to recreate this cupcake periodic table for Darren's next birthday.
  • spotlights lots of geeky recipes by Just Jenn.