Sunday, June 17, 2012

geek girl | june 17, 2012

This week's geeky picks are full of AT-ATs and R2-D2s- seems like everyone is in a fan-build/fan-mod mood these days, and I'm loving it!

From the top left:

  • These R2-D2 cufflinks are just a sampling of the Star Wars designs you'll find at
  • Super Mario Bros. earbuds? Sure, why not.
  • This AT-AT PC case mod is nothing short of incredible! Check out the massive load of photos over at Bit Rebels.
  • posted a roundup of Star Wars cookies and cakes, including this very cool Boba Fett bust.
  • I think our cats are definitely going to need an AT-AT kitty condo!
  • Hostess With the Mostess shares a rad 80's Themed party, complete with troll dolls and a host of other vintage icons.
  • Build your little Jedi his or her very own AT-AT bunk bed! Check out the scoop on this awesome fan build at Bit Rebels.
  • Oh, Disney Star Wars Weekends, one day I will visit you. And eat a fantastic Darth Vader chocolate cupcake.
  • Speaking of cool Disney Star Wars food, you'll find a wide range of foods served inside R2-D2's iconic frame, ranging from churros to snack packs.
And, because it's super awesome (and we've been kind of lacking in Doctor Who content lately), the Doctor Who theme played on eight floppy drives. I never tire of songs being played by floppy drives...