Friday, June 1, 2012

friday favorites | june 1, 2012

Wow, what a week!!!

So, we joke around here that every time Darren goes to Africa (which is usually once, occasionally twice per year), something breaks. One year we had a massive hail storm that literally put a hole in the roof at one of our rental houses. I'm talking water running down the wall in the hallway- yikes! And then another year the plumbing in our own home backed up...all the way into the sinks and bathtub. Yuck! And this time (he left on Sunday morning)? This time is a double whammy. Between a sick kitty who's been in and out of the vet (I've driven to their office three times so far this week, and he's there right now to stay for a couple of days) and the air conditioning going out (luckily it was an inexpensive fix and a repairman was able to come out the next day), I've been going nonstop to get stuff taken care of!

But, it's all handled, it's all good (the vet called tonight to say that the cat is already doing better and may be able to come home...again...tomorrow), and I even managed to get some scrapping in amongst all of that. So, not a disaster- just a great chance to remind myself that I'm totally capable of handling this stuff. Even if I am a little tired tonight. :) And even if most of my week has revolved around whether or not a certain cat leaves "deposits" in the litter box or not...

With D still out of the country, I have a weekend ahead of me to do whatever I please, and of course I choose crafting! If you're due for some crafty time, too, I've got a great collection of inspiring links to share with you tonight!

From the top left:
  • Find instructions for sewing this adorable plush fox doll at A Beautiful Mess.
  • Sometimes I see a dessert table so insanely adorable that I just have to share it here, and this super cute owl themed display certainly fits that description. Click on over to Hostess with the Mostess for all the details.
  • Learn to make these sweet glittered wire name signs at Oh Happy Day.
  • I love colored cakes, but I have to admit that I'm not too keen on all those artificial food colors. This cake (also at Hostess with the Mostess) is quite different though- it uses all-natural dyes. So cool!
  • Take a peek at Iris Babao Uy's lovely scrap space over at Webster's Pages.
  • Kristina Werner shows a unique use for misting masks- as embossing templates in a manual die cutting machine!
  • Check out this DIY Geronimo balloon tutorial at the Bugger-Dixon Line.
  • Any other scrappers out there who have a ton of those Dew Drops that were so popular a few years ago hanging around? This gorgeous mosaic at Simon Says Stamp looks like a great way to use a pile of them up!
  • You can find a how-to on making these sweet (no pun intended) ombre sugar hearts at Shauna Younge Desserts.