Sunday, May 20, 2012

McKannan 5K + Huntsville Veterans Memorial

Last weekend I ran in the David McKannan 5K. This is an event that my company sponsors (now in its third year), and it's named after a former deciBel employee who is now battling ALS. With all the proceeds going to fund research against this and other related diseases, it was an opportunity to not only run and have a little fun, but also support a great cause!

It was a fairly small race (about 160 runners), so we didn't have the massive inflatable start line like you see in some of the bigger races (we did have the inflatable finish line, though). As a result, we were all a bit...confused...when they told us to line up at the start. :)


We quickly got it sorted out, though, and were all lined up and ready to go.


Darren wasn't able to catch photos of me at the start. I usually try to line up on one side or the other so it's easier for him to spot me, but in the search for the start line I forgot to. I also forgot to start Map My Run on my iPhone before I started, too- oops!!

He did get some great photos of the start of the race in general, including this shot of the guys out front. I am most definitely not in this group!


And he did find one of my coworkers and a friend of hers who were walking the course instead of running. Amy actually used to work with me at my old company and is now happily employed at deciBel, too!


Poor Darren always has to just stand around with the camera while I run and wait for me to come back, but this time that meant he was able to take some time to see the Huntsville Veterans Memorial that was right across the street from the race's finish line. I found these photos on my camera after I got home and started offloading pictures to Lightroom.



The memorial is a work in progress, so while there's a statue on the right pedestal, the left one is still empty (I think the actual artwork is still being created).


These big granite markers are probably the most visible part of the monument, but if you take time to walk around and really look, many more subtle pieces become apparent. I nearly missed the carved timeline of all the American wars from the Revolutionary War on since it's carved into the entire back wall with no highlighting and simply blends with the rest of the stonework.







And then Darren took a tour of the railroad tracks behind the memorial, as well. Some really cool graffiti here!





And even with all that, he was back in time to photograph the winner (also not me!) crossing the finish line.


This is me, and though you can't read the first digit on the clock, it's a 2 and not a 1 like the first guy. So 27:10, which is 3 seconds slower than my time in the Double Helix Dash. You know that made me mad, right? :) I really, really want an under 27 run this summer! Maybe next week when I run Cotton Row...



Even though it was a company-sponsored event, only a few employees actually ran, including our company president (30:10- go Jeff!!) and his family.


I decided to head over to the memorial, too, while waiting for the results to be posted. I especially loved all the quotes that were scattered around.


We both really liked this one (and sorry for the reflection of me in my running shorts :) ).


And this has nothing to do with either running or the memorial, but on the way home we stopped at a farmer's market and bought some of the yummiest strawberries ever!