Wednesday, May 9, 2012

layout | sitar indian cuisine


Around our house Groupon and Living Social deals are kind of a big thing at the moment- have been since last summer, actually! They keep us trying new restaurants when we go out to eat (which is actually not as often as my photos make it look), and also help save a little bit off our "entertainment" expenditures.


Sometimes I tote the big camera along, but often I simply settle for using my iPhone to take photos on these outings. While it doesn't have the best photo quality in the low light situations found in many restaurants, I've found it's just fine to use for photos that will be printed at a smaller size- which is basically any photo I scrap these days!


And Indian food? Sooooo yummy. This particular restaurant is actually less than a mile from our home, but for some reason we'd never tried it before! Their chicken tandoori is amazing, and we'll definitely be going back.


All supplies are from Studio Calico's April kit, City of Lights, add-ons (Louvre, Sorbonne, and Montmarte), and a few of the April shop items. All the kits are sold out now, but I've linked up the individual items used below.

Supplies (click on images for product links):