Sunday, May 20, 2012

geek girl | may 20, 2012

Hola, peeps! This is one very tired geek girl (it was a weekend of three birthdays, a late Mother's Day celebration, a graduation, and a funeral), checking in with a very fashion and food centric set of geeky goodness to share with you tonight!


From the top left:
  • These Boba Fett cufflinks are the well-dressed bounty hunter's must-have accessory of the season.
  • Time Lords who prefer the granny chick look might prefer this knitted TARDIS scarf. (Where, are where are you, new season of Doctor Who?!? Am I seriously going to have to wait until the fall?)
  • This gorgeously detailed R2-D2 cake comes complete with sound effects!
  • This massive Lego Star Wars diorama actually plays the movie theme as it spins. Click through the link for a video!
  • This chemistry-inspired tea set is just a concept, but if it were real you can bet we'd have one at our house!
  • So, everyone knows what a spork is, right? (I admit to owning a titanium one...) Well, the chork is to sushi what the sport is to Nachos Bell Grande- it's a combination chopstick and fork!
  • This fun Star Wars tea set is (or at least was) available to purchase on Etsy.
  • And if you prefer your tea with a Dark Side, check out this Death Star tea infuser.
  • If you want to make your Twitter feed more epic, Microsoft recently released a Kinect app (available for iPhone and Android) that will turn your feed into a Star Wars-style text crawl. 

And, for tonight's (less-than-two-minute) cinematic feature- Star Wars, as reenacted by My Little Ponies.

With lots of rainbows.