Sunday, May 13, 2012

geek girl | may 13, 2012

Good evening, geeklings! I hope you've had a great weekend! I spent part of my Saturday morning running a 5K, which was awesome because I love running, but not so awesome because I had to miss my RPM class at the gym (time conflict). Yes, I am indeed a gym addict, which is why I was stoked to discover the Nerd Fitness site earlier this week. Could it be that there are other fitness crazies enthusiasts out there who are as geeky as me? Who use Lego minifigures and pop culture references when writing about workouts? WIN!! I totally recommend checking them out!

Okay, on with the picks! I had a reader express dismay over the lack of Star Wars items last week, so there's plenty in the mix for you this time around. :)


From the top left:

  • Super cool pixellated 8-bit Zelda sugar cookies.
  • Wireframe Yoda craft (thanks to Rebecca for sending this one in!)
  • Hallmark posted a members-only preview of their upcoming Star Wars Keepsake Ornaments, but the sneaky sneeks at Club Jade grabbed a screen shot for the general public. 
  • ThinkGeek brings together LEDs and Lego blocks to form Brick Brites!
  • Disney has unveiled their merchandise lineup for this year's run of Star Wars Weekends (one of these years I'm actually going to get to go to one!). You can also see a peek at all the current Disney Star Wars merchandise here.
  • Sci-fi fans love their space guns (and real ones, too!), and ThinkGeek has a great poster featuring a myriad of famous sci-fi guns.
  • This week is ThinkGeek heavy, I know, but with cool new items like these Star Wars bookends, can you blame me?
  • These Pac-Man cupcakes feature a decidedly non-8-bit representation of the iconic video game.
  • And, last piece of ThinkGeek merchandise for the day, I promise!! I just had to include it, though, because they've brought River Song's diary from Doctor Who to life as a blank journal. I'm going to need one of these to help document our next big trip, whenever that is!

I've got a video for you this week, too, featuring an array of floppy drives playing the James Bond theme.

Mind. Blown.