Friday, May 18, 2012

friday favorites | may 18, 2012

Happy Friday, everyone!! I'm doing a mad dash this weekend with sooooo much going on! Crop tonight at church, birthday/later Mother's Day lunch for Mom tomorrow in the early afternoon, a funeral in the late afternoon, and then a graduation in the evening. And did I mention the graduation party on Sunday afternoon?  It's going to be a busy one! But somewhere in all of that I plan to load my 22 month old niece up in the racing stroller and go for a 3 mile run on the greenway behind my parents' house, so there will be a bit of quiet and exercise, too. Working out always seems to clear my head pretty well.

For those of you embarking on more crafty endeavors this weekend, I've got the usual roundup of fab links to share with you this afternoon!

From the top left:
  • I'm afraid that if I keep talking about cherry blossoms, some concerned readers are going to send the nice men with a white straightjacket to take me away. So I'll just drop off these cherry blossom cupcakes (complete with instructions) at Sugar Swings and move on, okay? :)
  • Eat, Drink, Chic has some fabulous, trendy (note the glitter and neon accents!), and free iPhone wallpapers available. You can also find set two here and set three here.
  • Danielle Flanders blogged a great tip on using reinkers as watercolor paints.
  • Isn't this rainbow of kitchen utensil handles just lovely? I think I'm going to have to make my own using directions from House of Earnest (found via Little Bit Funky).
  • Did you know that those popular wood veneer shapes can also be used as stamps? Learn more at Knobz (which is in German, but Google Translate does a pretty good job).
  • August Empress offers a set of very pretty seamless watercolor backgrounds, just perfect for sprucing up your blog! (Found via How About Orange.)
  • Jennifer Pebbles shares a look at her freshly revamped crafting space. I just love those chevron bins! I bought the same ones at Target for a small project in my own craft room that you'll see next week.
  • Learn to make DIY envelopes at Crate Paper.
  • Ashli Oliver (aka SoapHOUSE Mama) hasn't been scrapping long, but she's already an up and comer in the design world. Just check out what she did recently with Amy Tan's Sketchbook line- it's amazing!