Wednesday, April 4, 2012

scrapbook circle | layouts | the chick-fil-a birthday


I always try to make a big deal about Darren's birthday, even though he's always saying he doesn't want a huge party or anything. Last year I took him out to dinner at a great Greek restaurant and got his whole family to go in on a new tablet for him, but it's not always so easy to get the boy to go out and do something!

Take, for instance, two years ago when he was going to school and working at the same time. His birthday is mid-November, so unfortunately it falls right around the time that he's usually also having to study for a final or write a term paper. On this particular birthday he was doing both, I think, and had zero time to go out to eat. Instead, he asked if I would just bring Chick-Fil-A home for dinner after work so we could do something quick and he could get back to his studies.

And, since he's the birthday boy and gets to choose, that's exactly what I did. :)


I've had these photos in my to-scrap box for a while, but I never came across a set of papers that I thought would work with all those bright colors (yes, that is indeed a Tigger pillowcase wrapping up one of his presents- I think it was the Walking Dead comic compendium). The April Scrapbook Circle Kit, Daydreamer, turned out to be the perfect thing for them, though! It's stuffed full of goodies from Lily Bee, Jillibean Soup, Heidi Swapp, and also lots and lots of Amy Tan's new Sketchbook line from American Crafts. The colors in this kit actually worked well for many photos I've not previously known what to do with, so you'll be seeing more bright layouts from me throughout the month!


You may have seen this same layout on the Scrapbook Circle blog a couple of days ago- fellow DT member Jennie Blaser and I were challenged to use the new Heidi Swapp Instaframes on our layouts, and I put mine to work as a frame for a journaling spot (cut from a piece of the Sketchbook grid paper).


Sadly this is the last Scrapbook Circle kit that I'll be working with as a design team member. My six month term with them is up at the end of April, but there's still plenty to share between now and then! I may even have slipped some confetti onto one of the pages...