Tuesday, March 13, 2012

scrapbook circle | layout | huong viet


The very first of the layouts that I'll share from my gallery for the March 2012 Scrapbook Circle Kit, Best. Day. Ever., is also the most minimal of the group. The pared-down style just seemed to fit the subject since Asian food (in this case Vietnamese at Huong Viet near Washington, D.C.), is always presented so artistically- perfectly arranged with lots of white space. If food can have white space, that is...


Darren and I were at the end of our visit with Hung, Huong, and the kids last October, and a trip to this restaurant and also the Vietnamese market were definitely high on our to-do list before we left! I also scrapped Vietnamese market photos and will share that page later this week!



I love getting to spend time with Darren's brother and his family (Hung and his brother Long were taken in as foster kids by the family when Darren was pretty young, but really they're all just brothers :) ), especially Huong. She's a scrapbooker and she loves taking photos and she gets it. I was so happy that she picked up my camera and got this shot of Darren and I going over the menu. She's also a fan of candid photos and not posed shots, just like me!


The page above is actually a companion piece I made for my traditional layout. I always mean to scrap my extra photos in divided page protectors and place them in my albums with my regular layouts, but so often I don't go back and do it. This time I challenged myself to go ahead and scrap them before I put my supplies away, and it only took an extra 15 minutes or so to assemble. I think that's going to be my modus operandi from now on with these.



And here's how they look together in the album.

viet huong.jpg

I'll be continuing to share my March kit layouts throughout the month! Monday I'll post my Project Life page, and there's even going to be an Angry Birds layout in the mix a bit later this month!