Wednesday, March 21, 2012

saying goodbye to scrapbook update

So in the midst of the Lily Bee excitement (and more fun still to come), I'm making another big change in my scrapbooking workload. Last month I decided to step down from Scrapbook Update. I had three articles from CHA still on the editorial schedule and wanted to finish with my commitments before I left, but now that those articles are scheduled (the last will be posted some time next week), I think it's safe to make the announcement here, too.

Writing for Scrapbook Update was an amazing opportunity, and I was able to cover two CHA shows and meet so many wonderful people in this industry, including Scrapbook Update's owner and editor, Nancy Nally. I'm grateful for everything that she and the site did for me- ranging from forcing me to break out of my scraplifting shell to giving me a lot more exposure in the industry.

So, now I'm starting a fresh chapter for me and my tiny little corner of the web, because this change in my writing load means I have more time to focus here instead! My goal is to produce more original content here on my blog (like another Use Your Scraps Week...soon!), and I'm also looking forward to having all my content (because even my design team posts come home to live here on my own blog quite quickly) in one easy place for my readers to find. I'm so grateful for each and every one of you who read and subscribe to my blog, and I'm looking forward to focusing more here, being spread out a little less, and having more time to connect with all of you.


Photo included because I'm physically incapable of posting without one. And also because it's going to be my new profile picture from now on! Hello again, crazy, snarky me!