Sunday, March 11, 2012

geek girl | march 11, 2012

Good evening, geeklings! I hope you've had a good weekend! Mine has been a super productive one since I went on a spring cleaning spree in anticipation of my family all coming to visit and stay with us next weekend.

Speaking of family, this week's Geek Girl is something of a family affair- my brother often sends me links, and this week I included one that Beth sent, as well!

Before I get started with the picks I want to highlight a project that one of my readers sent to me last week. I'm horrible at responding to comments, but I promise I do read every last one, and I visit the links that you send me, too! Reader Julie Jeavons sent over a link to her Doctor Who inspired 10 Things post this month, and it includes a fantastic Doctor Who layout! You simply have to check it out!

And now for the rest of the geeky picks!

Star Wars. Yoga. Need I say more? My brother emailed this out to my Mom and I earlier this week and told me I was slipping since I hadn't posted it yet. I emailed him back with a big :-P and let him know that it was on the schedule already!

Be sure to click through the link to see even more geeky pose interpretations!

Beth sent over a link to this awesome zombie preparedness kit a couple of weeks ago. Too bad it's sold out already!

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

My birthday is fast approaching and I have cupcakes on the brain again, so I'm quite happy that these quidditch pitch cupcakes popped up on the geeky radar this week.

There've been quite a few new Doctor Who merchandise items announced lately, though most of them are only available in the UK, including this TARDIS teapot.

I've heard it said that if something exists, there's also a Lego of it. Or is that porn? Whatever the case, here's a super cool Lego key rack!

Mmmmm...does anyone want to send me some Millenium Falcon cake pops for my birthday? I promise to love you forever (in a totally geeky and non-creepy way, of course).

Here's another item that my brother sent to me (I think he's secretly planning on building one himself)- an amazing starship Enterprise coffee table!

And since I've veered into Star Trek territory (a place I rarely venture these days), here's a peek at a Starfleet uniform iPad cover. Be sure to click through the link as there are several other geektastic covers, as well!

The Chewbacca bento box is quite timely as I just made a run to our local Asian grocery yesterday in search of sushi rice and bolgogi marinade. :)

I'll end with a couple of Star Wars videos that I've had in the queue to share for a while. I'm sure by now that you've seen Volkswagen's new Darth Vader commerical that debuted at the Super Bowl, but you may not have seen the extended version yet!

And, finally, here's Star Wars like you've never seen it before! In a filmography project of epic proportions, 15 second intervals of the movie were farmed out to many, many amateur videographers to reinterpret, then cut back together to form the whole movie.

The opening sequence on Twitter kills me!