Wednesday, February 22, 2012

shimelle laine's hitchhiker's guide to scrapbooking

Oh, that Shimelle. She is so completely adorable and brilliant on her blog, in the classes she teaches, and in her videos (Glitter Girl is a current fave, and you really should check out last year's 4x6 Photo Love, too!), and if you've ever met her in person you know that she's just as adorable and brilliant in real life, too (especially over pizza, salad, and fried macaroni at California Pizza Kitchen with May Flaum...I really need to get some of those behind the scenes at CHA photos up!).




And if I didn't already love her to bits (in a completely non-creepy way), then her latest class offering has certainly sealed the deal for me. I mean, just get a load of the title...The Hitchhiker's Guide to Scrapbooking: A Guide to Life, The Universe, and Pretty Paper!!!!

Seriously!! This genius girl has taken the concept of my favorite book ever (you may recall me waxing somewhat poetic about it early last year or using the title for my series of posts about Arubaand applied it to scrapbooking!

Here's just a bit about the class, straight from Two Peas:

Are you drowning in a sea of scrapbook supplies and a plethora of photos, but wish things just came together easily? Then The Hitchhiker's Guide to Scrapbooking is just what you need: your guide to life, the universe and pretty paper! Join Garden Girl Shimelle Laine for this self-paced workshop you can use any time. Over five chapters, she'll share forty-two brand new scrapbook pages and easy-to-follow advice on choosing supplies, designing pages, embellishing your work and writing your memories. Each chapter includes a printable PDF and coordinating video, plus the guide's bonus reference section includes sketches, supply lists and other handy hints. Designed for scrapping at home or at a crop, The Hitchhiker's Guide to Scrapbooking reminds you: Don't Panic - get crafting!

Now, doesn't that sound fantastic? And it's just $25 for instant access at Two Peas in a Bucket.

I hope you'll join in (especially all you geeky scrappy girls out there!)- just don't forget to bring your towel, you hoopy frood!