Saturday, February 4, 2012

monthly photo roundups | november + december 2011 + recap

I really fell off the wagon with my photo roundups toward the end of 2011, but my OCD side wouldn't shut up until I finished November and December, so here they are!

November 2011

Some November highlights:
  • UAH Hockey
  • Really, really good food thanks to Groupon
  • Putting together a kit that I LOVED for sale on Scrapbook Update
  • Getting a new gas grill (and using it!)
  • Tigger, the new little kitty, settled right in with the other cats (and also kept me company while I wrote)
  • Setting up my old Wishblade with the new Silhouette software (so that it was no longer a boat anchor)
  • Rebooting Project Life (love this!)
  • New stoneware pans from The Pampered Chef (it's the little things, really)
  • Visiting the Galaxy of Lights at the Botanical Gardens
  • Eating great Greek food for Darren's birthday
  • Reviewing code at my awesome new job
  • Window browsing at Anthro and Bridge Street
  • Visiting Mom and Dad for the weekend, including a trip to Archivers and getting to see miss Sophie
  • Thanksgiving dinner at home
  • Christmas shopping
  • Temperatures so warm that the strawberries got confused outside and started blooming
  • Finding out that I had a torn achilles and having to wear a walking cast (this wasn't a highlight, really, but it happened)

December 2011

Some December highlights:
  • A day trip to IKEA in Atlanta with Mom and Beth (and the massive month-long scrap room overhaul that followed)
  • Spiffing up my office at work with furniture purchased on said IKEA trip
  • The Star Wars Lego advent calendar
  • Decorating for Christmas
  • A trip to Chattanooga to visit Rock City and the Tennessee Aquarium
  • Jon's birthday
  • Surprise nutcracker dolls in the mail from Mom and Dad
  • A tiny bit of Christmas crafting (I made a few cards and some ornaments)
  • Wrapping gifts
  • Darren's grandfather's funeral in Knoxville (the funeral was not a highlight, but being with family members that Darren hadn't seen for more than 10 years was)
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • Shopping the day after Christmas
  • Settling in for a calm week between Christmas and New Year's
  • New toe shoes (yes, I adore them!)
And, just for fun, here are the other roundups from 2011, all in one spot.












As much fun as these are to look at, I've decided not to do the monthly roundups for 2012. I've grown a little bored with them, and honestly Project Life is really taking over in this area both with helping to make sure that my photos stay edited and organized and also in getting lots of little things documented. Maybe next year's yearly roundup post should be all of my Project Life pages all in one place? There's a thought!!