Thursday, February 2, 2012

harbor freight spinner rack + brad storage update

Yes, I've been tweaking the scrap room again! Remember a couple of weeks ago when I shared my new Project Life organization and mentioned that I'd also switched up how I store my brads? Today I'm going to show you that little project along with the waterfall of small changes that came along with it. Organizational projects are like Pringles- you can't have just one.

You might recall from my massive scrap room overhaul that I have a small cabinet on one of my side walls that looks (or looked, rather) like this.


It's just a tiiiiiny bit different now, and looks like this.


It's not a huge change, but I did completely switch out one of the organizers (it now lives in the kitchen holding fruit) and moved some things around in the others, so let's take a little tour of that!

The biggest change was the addition of the four-tier spinning organizer from Harbor Freight. I first came across this amazing $20 wonder (yes, just $20) on Kinsey Wilson's blog, and I bow to her crafty powers as she has since given hers the woodgrain treatment, making it look oh-so-much-more-fab than my plain black one.

But I'm just kinda lazy like that sometimes, you know? It took enough effort for me to haul myself over to Harbor Freight and pick up one of my own, then spend another hour or so putting a zillion (yes, that's a slight overstatement) little bolts into place. Imagine IKEA-style build-it-yourself stuff with crudely hand-drawn diagrams and badly-translated-from-Chinese instructions, and that's what I had to work with, people!


The biggest gain I got from adding this particular rack was making my collection of decorative tapes more visible (and it also gave me the chance to go all OCD on them and put them in color order). Their previous storage unit was a lot prettier than this one, but the rolls were all jumbled together in the top basket, and every time I dug through them to find a particular pattern some of the rolls would escape through the basket's mesh and roll all over the place.

Not cool. This is much better.




This rack also gave me a new home for my growing collection of baker's twines! All the single-color wrapped cards are on one level (with room to expand), and the mixed cards and spools are on the top rack.





I also love that the bottom rack of this unit is completely empty. Room to grow is a very good thing!

My button and bauble storage rack (you can see how I set this little guy up here) is where my brad collection has now gone to live.


All of my brads were still on the original cards that they came on, making them pretty to look at, but flipping through a dozen or so cards every time I needed one was making finding the right color brad for a layout a bit challenging.


What was even more challenging is where all those brads were stored- buried in this basket of what are supposed to be my "favorite" or newer items that I want to make sure that I use. The only problem was that I apparently have so many "favorite" items that it was really difficult to find anything in here!


Luckily when I put my button storage together I left a few empty jars for future use (see, room to grow, people!). I spent two episodes of Stargate: SG-1 (how sad is it that I measure how long a task takes by the number of sci-fi show episodes I watch while working?) pulling the brads off of all those cards and organizing them by color in the extra jars.



And now the empty part of the button storage tray isn't quite so empty!


What is empty is the top tier of my color mist tray. It used to hold all of those baker's twine cards that now live in the new spinner rack, so my mist collection has room to grow, too!


I honestly really do think that I'm done with all the organizing...for now, anyway! I hope. Maybe...