Thursday, February 9, 2012

cha winter 2012 | crate paper

It's finally time to get my photos from the Crate Paper CHA Winter 2012 booth published! I love Crate's vintage, thrifted vibe, and their booth at the show totally reflected their design style.


Check out those gorgeous papers all rolled up in old wooden crates- so simple, yet so lovely.




I think I took a shot of this very tray filled with brads from the summer releases at the last CHA show. I'm a sucker for pretty brads, after all. :)


Crate Paper introduced two new lines at this show, and we'll begin our tour in earnest with the aptly named Pretty Party collection.


I may or may not have developed an instant fondness for this line simply because its name is so close to one of my favorite of Shimelle Laine's fabulous online classes- Pretty Paper Party. :) My tangential reasons for forming an attachment to it shouldn't be taken to mean that it isn't positively lovely, though, because it's really quite gorgeous.


At first glance there are more pinks in this collection than I might normally scrap with, but there are so many other colors to mix it with (I'm loving that deep green print more and more as I sit here and type while looking at it) that I quickly realized that pink is not really the star of the show here. Instead, it shares the stage with a host of other colors.

Crate Paper's design team did a fantastic job of making booth samples- two of my favorite scrappers, Rahel Menig and Jaime Warren, are represented below.


Crate's chipboard elements get me. Every time. I just love them, and there are so many on a sheet that you can keep using and using and using them and not run out even after you make a fair number of projects.





I do love that Crate makes 6x6 paper pads. I tend to use smaller bits of paper when making pages, so the smaller format works well for me.

Washi tape is also new to the Crate Paper lineup this season, thanks to their recent acquisition by American Crafts that's allowed for an expansion of their offerings.


The second of Crate Paper's new offerings is the Story Teller collection.


I will admit that at first I didn't get this line. It looked to me like an odd mash-up of travel prints (such as the map and par avion patterns) and girly florals. As I looked more closely, though (it was, after all, my job to study the new collections as they came out), I realized that it's not meant to be a line that's just about travel...

DSC_8805.jpg's about telling stories. All your stories. The ones that involve going and the ones that involve staying home.


That, my friends, is definitely something I can get on board with!


The chipboard elements tell the story of this line all on one sheet with the inclusion of elements related to both going and staying. I'm definitely going to have to have this one for Project Life!!





Crate hangs many of their layouts up high on the walls where it's difficult to get a good shot of them, but luckily there were several cards, mini albums, and more dimensional projects scattered about at a more accessible level for photography.







Pretty Party and Story Teller are scheduled to begin shipping toward the latter part of March, and Stop and Scrap just opened pre-orders for both lines today. You can save 12% off the already discounted price by using code SCRAPPYJEDI at checkout.

So, are you all getting tired of CHA coverage yet, or do you want more? I definitely have more manufacturers in the queue to share, and there will most likely be at least one more full week of booth posts!