Tuesday, February 7, 2012

bella blvd inspiration unlimited week | baby's first year mini album

Today on the Bella Blvd. Studio blog they're featuring Bella's sweet new crochet flower embellishments. I didn't have a layout assignment with them, but I did receive some in my CHA box and used them here and there on several projects, including the mini album I made using the Baby Girl line.


I started this album by cutting lots of 4x6 pieces out of both the new Baby Girl papers and some plain white cardstock. 4x6 albums are my favorite format- they're so easy to put together, a great size, and I can make them using supplies I already have in the scrap room without having to go out in search of a mini album base.


This mini got a little chunky!!!!


I have lots of photos of my adorbz nieceling, Sophie, in my Lightroom catalog, so I selected a bunch from her birth through her first birthday and printed them up. I think I only ended up using about half of what I printed, but sometimes it's just nice to have extras in case you need them.


I followed a format for each set of pages- patterned paper on the left with an embellishment and white cardstock on the right along with photos and little sprinkles of stuff. I also worked in batches, meaning that I cut all the paper first, then selected photos for each page, then went back and stuck down the photos and added embellishments to the right hand side pages, and then finished off with all the left side embellishment. And then I stitched the album at the very end. Working through mini albums like that ensures that all of the pages are "even" instead of the first pages being loaded up with stuff while the end pages look a little bare as I start to lose steam toward the end of a project. Not that that ever happens to me. ::wink::









Here's one of the cute crochet flowers!




And another!




And of course I had to start and finish with the cute little monkey paper, because it suits miss Sophie so well!