Friday, February 3, 2012

bella blvd inspiration unlimited week | father of the year

The festivities continue at the Bella Blvd. Studio Blog, and today they're featuring projects made with the new Button Market buttons. Except I cheated...This is actually a Spring Flings and Easter Things page, but I did use several of the buttons on it. So maybe not cheating? Yes? No? Does it matter? :)


I've scrapped a lot of pages about my niece's first birthday party, but I've saved these two for a little while. They make me giggle every time I see them- they're sooooooo Jon and Sophie!


To answer your questions, yes, he did bounce the ball off of her head, no, it wasn't heavy at all, and yes, she did laugh...she thinks that kind of thing is hilarious!

And note Ryan in the background, also capturing the whole thing- he knows Jon well enough to know what was coming, too!



And aren't the Bella buttons so cute?!?! I only received a few packages of them as prototypes before CHA and pretty much used them all up on my booth assignments, so I'm anxiously waiting the real design team shipment so I have more of them to play with!