Thursday, January 19, 2012

scrapbook circle layout | ikea love


I never go to IKEA without a camera. Ever. And I'm not talking about my iPhone camera either. Oh, no, it's gotta be the big Nikon D3, which Darren also refers to as "the brick." (Although I know that he has plans to snatch "the brick" away from me one day when I upgrade and abscond with it on one of his trips to he must not think it's that big!)

Oh, gosh, where was I? Oh, yeah, IKEA.

So, when Mom, Beth, and I trekked to IKEA early last month to get some items that were on our organizational wish lists (such as a few items I needed for my big scrap room overhaul), of course I took the camera with me!


I talked earlier this month about the challenge I have working with Valentine themed stuff and about some of the ways that I made the January You + Me kit from Scrapbook Circle work for me, and this layout is another example of that. The heart paper I used as a background isn't something I normally would have picked for myself, but when I smeared some white paint across it (BTW, the new Martha Stewart paints are  fab!) and divided the area into a grid using some baker's twine, it suddenly became the perfect canvas for my IKEA photos!


I also have a small confession about this page- it was a total mistake! Yes, really. Each month one of the design team members is assigned a certain item to highlight. When I received my instructions for the month, my brain had a meltdown (I told you December was not a good month for me) and replaced "small tag paper" with "speech bubble paper."


I did fix the situation and also made a layout with the tiny tag paper that I'll share later this month, but I love this page and am grateful for the happy accident that produced it!