Saturday, January 21, 2012

friday favorites | ...on saturday?

Ooops! Oops, oops, oops.

Somehow in the mad rush of scheduling all the Bella Blvd. sneak peeks posts, I forgot to put the Friday Favorites up! Yikes! So sorry about that- I almost never just forget something.

I hope that the extra-goodness of this week's picks will make up for it. I also hope that I'm not forgetting anything else I should be doing! :)


From the top left:

  • I absolutely love this gorgeous tag album by Keisha Campbell. So many detailed layers!
  • Stephanie Howell gives a tour of her antiques-infused scrapping space.
  • I've got to try this glitter-spatter technique by Rahel Menig really, really soon! Like, maybe today...
  • This fun "Daily Affirmations" twist on a daily-style mini album can be found at Bella Blvd.
  • Learn about shooting and editing food photos at restaurants with Kelly Purkey.
  • The Create blog shares a tour of Keisha Cambell's gorgeous scrap room. Just look at those lovely rows of punches!
  • Photojojo now has a separate blog that's all about taking photos with your phone. They cover lots of apps and techniques- definitely worth checking out!
  • Jasmine Star recently had a guest poster who has a great process for organizing and displaying her personal photos- definitely worth the read!
  • This pretty little calendar is also a journal- scribble down a line about each day for years to come! Visit Wit and Wistle for more information.
Have a scrappy weekend!