Sunday, January 8, 2012

2011 reading list

I'm still working on a few straggling 2011 wrap-up posts. It's become something of a tradition for me to list out the books I read during the year. Generally the list is heavy on geekery and light on substance. Reading is my fun time, and I don't have any qualms about not having more "heavy" material on this list.

Also, I read a lot at the gym while on the elliptical trainer, and it's good to have something light to read- that way things like announcements, general gym noise, and the dude on the treadmill next to me stopping to answer his cell phone in the middle of a workout aren't huge distractions.

In 2011 the entire back catalog of Stargate novels was released to Kindle, meaning I was able to pick up a few that were out of print and add to my collection. I also have a stack of these in paper format still waiting to be read- I bought them long before the iPad was even rumored to be in the works, and now I kinda wish I could trade them all in for electronic versions!

These books are sometimes fun, and sometimes just so-so depending on how well the author does with characterizations.

My love of Star Wars novels continued, of course. The Fate of the Jedi books are a bit tedious, but fun in places. Timothy Zahn's novel was, of course, excellent- as his always are! All of these were read on the Kindle app for my iPad.

Pretty much all of the Doctor Who books are available electronically now, as well, which is awesome because they can be a bit hard to come by in print in the States. I read a ton of these, and, like the Stargate novels, how good they are varies greatly between authors. These are a great way for me to still get a 10th Doctor fix from time to time. I still love the show with Matt Smith on it, but I really miss David Tennant's Doctor!

Burn Notice novels are the fluffiest thing on my list, for sure. They read like a slightly longer episode of the show, but they're always fun and guaranteed to make me laugh. Plus, the publisher seems to have gotten past all those icky typos that were in the earlier books. Fun stuff!

The only nonfiction book I read this year was a scrapbooking book- Stacy Julian's Finding Photo Freedom. Not all of her system is for me, but I definitely like to read about how others organize their scrapbooking.

So that's my year in 16 books. No big series this year like Harry Potter, just lots of fun reads. I keep hoping I'll add more books each year- this year my reading dropped off at about the same time I tore my achilles and couldn't use the elliptical trainer any more. Hopefully it'll pick up once I'm cleared to go back to it!