Thursday, December 15, 2011

scrapbook circle layout | the unintended kitty


I'm sure Darren is thriiiiilled that I scrapbooked this photo of him with our new kitten, but it was just too cute not to! All the supplies are from the December Scrapbook Circle kit, Note to Self, including that awesome piece of corrugated cardboard that I used as the page background.


When I brought a skinny little homeless orange tabby kitten home from me with the gym one day a couple of months ago, I certainly didn't mean to keep him. I mean, yeah, so Darren had to send me back to the gym to get him (I'd initially left the kitty there) after I came home in tears because he reminded me of my cat, Stormy, who passed away last year- but we already had two cats and didn't need a third.

But Tigger (I wanted to call him Oliver and Darren wanted to call him Chewie, so we compromised) grew on us quickly, and within a few weeks (during which I honestly did try to find either his owners or someone to adopt him) we had both decided to keep him. He's a good cat who doesn't get into much trouble at all (he hasn't even scaled the Christmas tree...yet...) and is affectionate and very rambunctious- all the things we love in a cat!