Tuesday, December 13, 2011

scrapbook circle layout | fearless


My brother's adorable spawn, Sophie Clare, is definitely growing up to be a tomboy. She climbs everything. She moves anything that's in her way. She runs. She falls (hard) and gets right back up again. And heights and being held upside down? No problem! She loves it all.


The photos for this layout were taken in June, right before her first birthday, when we were all at Mom and Dad's house for Father's Day. That was also the weekend that I took Sophie for a three mile run in the stroller, and she loved it! My quads? Not so much, but it was a great workout, and as soon as I get my foot out of this silly boot and back to running, I plan on doing it again.


All the supplies from this kit are from the December kit at Scrapbook Circle, Note to Self. The design is actually lifted from a subscriber layout that was posted on the Facebook page (you can read more about that on the Scrapbook Circle blog), something that the design team takes turns doing each month. It was fun putting my own spin on the layout and making it my own!