Monday, December 5, 2011

anthro browsing

You know what the world needs more of on a Monday in December?

Pictures of lovelies at Anthropologie, that's what!

A couple of weeks ago Darren and I trekked out to Bridge Street on a Friday evening to see the newly-lit (and extremely massive) Christmas tree. Somehow we missed the "official" lighting ceremony that was held before Thanksgiving this year. :(

I popped in to Anthro while we were walking, prompted by a super fun email I'd received from them earlier in the week showing off their new selection of Christmas ornaments. Anthropologie gets some of the most unique (and quirky!) ornaments I've ever seen, which means they're just perfect for our unique (and quirky!) tree.

These glass hedgehogs are sooo cute! I didn't take one home (I got a glass narwhal instead...I have a slight obsession with narwhals ever since Sassafras's North Pole paper line came out a few years ago), but I did get a photo of them!


Aren't these paper trees sweet? Though they did prompt Darren to say that Anthropologie was a place where people spend lots of money trying to look poor.

I really can't disagree with him on that (though it won't stop me from shopping there...ever).


More hedgehogs!


I fell completely and utterly in love with this puzzle. I mean, just look at the shapes of those pieces! I adore the artwork, as well. So often unique puzzles like this have such boring art, but I just love this one. Too bad it was $148. No, I'm not kidding.

And I still considered buying it.



They had a whole display of wrapping and crafting items, including these little bottles of vintage glass beads.


These paper garlands look so fun...and also look like they wouldn't be too hard to make at home.


::sigh:: These bottle brush tree scenes are just so sweet. I must make a few this Christmas...I just need to find some bottle brush trees first (my local Michaels is completely out of them).


Huge cones of baker's twine!


Their handmade wrapping papers are always lovely.


And I love the scrollwork on these rolls of labels.


Now this ornament I did buy and bring home- I love turtles, and these glittered cardboard guys were just too cute!


Oh, and since the tree was the entire reason for the trip, I thought I should include a couple of photos of it in all its massiveness. I'm sure I'll be back to photograph it again soon!