Wednesday, November 2, 2011

travel scrapbooking week | aruba photo album

May Flaum and I are teaming up this week to blog about our favorite travel scrapbooking ideas. Be sure to stop by her blog to see what she's got in store today! 

I'm back again to share my Aruba photo book!

While I understand that looking at hundreds of a stranger's vacation photos is probably not most people's idea of a good time, I think that this album will give you an idea of how you can use digital templates to corral and display massive numbers of photographs fairly easily. The actual assembly of this 61 page book (not including the organization) took place in a single weekend while I was also doing laundry, cleaning, cooking, and even a bit of traditional scrapbooking.

The key to that speed was the organization that I mentioned earlier. I had already edited all of my photos and blogged the journaling, so I didn't feel the need to add any writing to the photo book itself- it's purely for displaying the images. If you want to read more about how I typically organize a large vacation album project, you can read here about how I went about organizing a traditional scrapbook album for a cruise. The process of organization is somewhat the same for a digital book- all the photos are edited at once and organized into groups, though the resizing and printing steps aren't necessary in the case of a digital photo book. Then it's just a matter of assembling pages and organizing them into a book.

For this particular album I used a combination of Ali Edwards 2010 Week in the Life Templates and the Curated Layered Templates by Paislee Press. I included a mix of photo collages and single photo pages, dressing up the beginning and ending pages for each section (in this case each day) with papers from Cosmo Cricket's Salt Air collection. I've linked up each section's coordinating blog post mostly for my own reference (one day I may print QR codes that link to the individual blog posts to add to the inside of the album's back cover).

And now, on with the album!

January 30 + 31

page 2.jpg

page 3.jpg

page 4.jpg

page 4a.jpg

page 4b.jpg

page 4c.jpg

page 4d.jpg

page 4e.jpg

page 4f.jpg

page 4g.jpg

page 4h.jpg

page 5.jpg

February 1

page 6.jpg

page 6a.jpg

page 6b.jpg

page 6c.jpg

page 6d.jpg

page 6e.jpg

page 6f.jpg

page 7.jpg

February 2

page 8.jpg

page 8a.jpg

page 8b.jpg

page 8c.jpg

page 8d.jpg

page 8e.jpg

page 8f.jpg

page 8g.jpg

page 8h.jpg

page 9.jpg

February 3

page 10.jpg

page 10a.jpg

page 10b.jpg

page 11.jpg

February 4

page 12.jpg

page 12a.jpg

page 12b.jpg

page 12c.jpg

page 12d.jpg

page 12e.jpg

page 12f1.jpg

page 12f2.jpg

page 12g.jpg

page 12h.jpg

page 12i.jpg

page 12j.jpg

page 12k.jpg

page 13.jpg

February 5

page 14.jpg

page 14a.jpg

page 14b.jpg

page 14c.jpg

page 14d.jpg

page 15.jpg

February 6

page 16.jpg

page 16a.jpg

page 16b.jpg

page 16c.jpg

page 16d.jpg

page 17.jpg