Sunday, November 13, 2011

geek girl | november 13, 2011

Today's Geek Girl post is a foray into the often wacky world of sci-fi merchandise. Most of the items on tap today are Star Wars related (of course!), but a few hail from other genres, as well. You might just find something here that's perfect for that special geekling on your shopping list!

From the top left:
  • These aren't the mints you're looking for. Otherwise known as mints. In an R2-D2 tin.
  • The even hilarious Santa Maul is back at Club Jade with his Sithmas shopping recommendations. On tap this week? A fantastic modern poster for The Empire Strikes Back (via Club Jade).
  • These tiny, incredible detailed Star Wars figures? Are actually tiny, incredibly detailed Star Wars erasers. I know, get out, right?
  • These fantastic Star Wars snowboards by Burton almost make me want to try the sport again. Despite the fact that I ride goofy (right foot forward). It took a pretty good bump on the head to figure that one out. Not as bad as the skiing bump that left me with a mild concussion, though...umm...this may be the first time my parents are hearing about that one...
  • I find this Han Solo Mimobot USB drive disturbing on several levels. First of all, his hair comes off. Second of all, his hair comes off. Third...did I mention his hair comes off?!?!?
  • These Star Wars lightsaber umbrellas are simply going to have to go on my must-have list.
  • Speaking of must-have lists, this absolutely hilarious "I ::heart:: ::heart:: Gallifrey" shirt is definitely on mine!

    And if you don't get the somewhat obscure Doctor Who reference, then I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.
  • A Star Trek bathrobe. Just because they could.
  • This "My Little Geek" book should be in every geekling's stocking this year. It might just have to turn up in my niece, Sophie's!!
Until next time, geek out, peeps!