Sunday, November 20, 2011

darren's birthday dinner

Darren's birthday was last week, but since we both had to work that day (he doesn't take off on his birthdays like I tend to), we ended up just going out to dinner to celebrate.

I left work a little early so I could bake his cake before we went out (vanilla cake with mango cream sauce, which I never photographed because we were so exhausted when we got home from dinner), and I also spent a few minutes whipping up something special to wrap his gift in. I used some scraps from my Echo Park Happy Days papers to decorate a little box that I cut on my Wishblade (come on, you know I had to get something scrappy in here, right? :) ). 


Dinner was at Papou's- a great little Greek restaurant in (what passes for) downtown Huntsville.


 We totally couldn't pronounce anything on the menu, but the Spanakopita appetizer sounded great to both of us...


...because who doesn't love filo dough stuffed with cheese? There were five on the plate, but by the time we put the deliciousness down for a few seconds so I could photograph it, there was only one left!


Darren's entree was huge! A massive serving of Greek macaroni, plus dolmas (one of his favorite foods).


Mine was a bit more tame (and slightly less Greek), but still delicious. How can filet and shrimp go wrong, after all?



And to finish the night off, we split a piece of baklava. Sooooooo good!


Oh, and if you were wondering what Darren's gift could have possibly been in that tiny little box, it was this...


...or, more correctly, it was a picture of an Asus Transformer Prime (the sweet new Droid tablet that's coming out) with a promise that I would order one for him just as soon as it was available. It's a big gift, but it was also really cool because I got almost everyone in both his family and mine in on it, and everyone is contributing to it.

So that was Darren's birthday- nice and low key, just the way we like things. :)