Wednesday, October 12, 2011

sweet peach layout | sweet treat


I feel that it's fair to warn you in advance- you'll be seeing quite a few food layouts from me during October. :) I'm not sure why, but I seemed to have a lot of dining-related photos that I wanted to use, and they matched the kits I happen to be scrapping with this month (this one is the fabulous October kit from Sweet Peach Crop Shop) so I just went with it.


I remember when Ali Edwards had a layout about her coffee cup published in Creating Keepsakes magazine several years ago, and it seemed like half the scrapbooking community was in an uproar over it, claiming they didn't "have time" to document unimportant stuff like that.

Except, who decides what's really important enough to scrap? Oh, that's right you do! And I do...and anyone who scraps decides what's important for them! So if you want to scrapbook your coffee cup, running shoes, or favorite pet rock, then go for it! And if I want to scrapbook about the world's best ice cream treat from Maggie Moos that I bought when Darren and I went out with a Groupon after a particularly stressful week at work, then I'm going to go for it, too!


So, tell me, what "frivolous" stuff have you scrapbooked lately? Link it up in the comments- I wanna see! :)