Sunday, October 2, 2011

geek girl | october 2, 2011

I'm going to lead off this week's Geek Girl with a seriously funny (and completely irreverent) picture that Darren emailed to me earlier this week...

That one has me simultaneously giggling and waiting for lightning to strike...

Now, let's dive into some of the other great geekiness I've got to share with you this week!

From the top left:
  • I used to think that using templates to carve pumpkins was cheating (this from a pumpkin carving handicapped girl), but this Yoda pumpkin push-in just makes it waaaaay too easy! I'll never feel bad about using templates again (not that I ever felt that bad about it in the first place...). Still, it is rather cute!
  • The cover for the upcoming Star Wars novel, Scourge, was revealed this week. I have to admit that the tagline "In the heart of crime-ridden Hutt Space, a Jedi Scholar searches for justice" doesn't have me all that intrigued, but I'm sure I'll be reading it anyway. :)
  • The Star Wars movies were recently released on Blu-Ray to much fanfare from some, but surprising a lot of "meh" from me. I was totally disappointed that only the special editions were included, not to mention the (not so) minor changes that were made to the movies just for the release. You can read more on (ahem- satire warning) George Lucas's opinion on that here. One cool thing about the Blu-Ray release? Awesome store displays such as this AT-AT setup at Wal-Mart!
  • I love this super sweet Space Invader baby shower at My Sweet and Saucy!
  • Can I admit that I have the t-shirt that this zombie cupcake tower is based on? I mean, a cupcake with a shotgun? What's not to love?!?
  • These prints of Star Wars characters as babies are super cute- just look at baby Jabba! Which, incidentally, is what I call every slug that I find in our garden...
  • shares a trio of awesome Star Wars cakes, including this amazing R2-D2 confection.
  • Moving from sweet to's an entire (extremely lovely) font made of bacon! I don't know why geeks love bacon so much, but we do.
  • Take a look at this awesome Harry Potter themed wedding- I so should have had a sorting hat at mine!
Until next time, geek out, peeps!