Monday, October 17, 2011

bella blvd layout | daredevils (and the tale of the melissa/michelle conundrum)


My very first assignment after joining the design team at Bella Blvd was to create a layout for their October newsletter that used Bella's Halloween line, Too Cute to Spook, for something other than Halloween photos. Since Halloween activities at our house rarely extend beyond carving pumpkins and handing out candy, I was totally up for the challenge of trying to use these super cute papers for another subject!


The colors and subject of some of my midway photos (these are of Mom and Michelle on one of the rides) from the Tennessee State Fair turned out to be a perfect match for this line. Besides, the midway at night with its throngs of people and crazy noise and flashing lights is actually a little like the craziness of Halloween!


Another thing that worked perfectly for this subject? Some of the phrase stickers from the Miniatures sheet! Words like "Crazy" and "Yikes" are definitely not Halloween specific and could be used for any number of subjects.


Bella Blvd's newsletter is full of lots more great layouts and projects, so be sure to hop on over to the download page and get a copy for yourself!

Oh, and a funny story about this issue of the newsletter. When Bella's design team coordinator first sent me a preview copy last week, I noticed that I was listed as Michelle Stinson and not Melissa Stinson...which was quite hilarious given that my entire life people have randomly called me Michelle for no apparent reason. Even more hilarious? My cousin Michelle (yes, the same Michelle in the photos above) has randomly been called Melissa for her whole life (by people who don't even know me)- again for no apparent reason- and we always get a good laugh out of it. The mix-up was corrected for the published version of the newsletter, but I still have the original and am sooooo going to have to send it to Michelle. Or Melissa. Or whoever.