Tuesday, September 13, 2011

scrapbook update | combatting creative burnout


That's me, doing what I do- kicking butt!! That photo was taken during my second degree black belt test last November- I don't think I've ever physically worked so hard for anything in my life! For two months before the test I bumped up the number of classes I took per week to a whopping six, and, trust me, there were days that I felt like doing anything but putting on that uniform and working out for an hour (or two, sometimes).

And, you know what? Sometimes it's the same way with scrapbooking. Sometimes you may feel a little burnt out, a little overwhelmed, or just generally uninspired, and you feel like doing anything but scrapping. If you're in that place, or have been in that place, or anticipate ever being in that place (I think that should cover just about everyone!), you should check out my latest article at Scrapbook Update- Combatting Creative Burnout.

It might be just what you need to kick burnout's butt!