Thursday, September 8, 2011

revenge of the return of the album organization posts

A couple of months ago I wrote a post rounding up some great album organization ideas (and cool photos of stacks of layouts) from around blogland. Since then I've run across quite a few more posts (seven, to be exact) covering everything from album continuity to photo album organization to- you guessed it- more piles of layouts!

Cindy Liebel has an awesome post on her blog detailing her process of moving her layouts from random piles to categorized albums. Those who love photos of stacks of scrapbook pages will love this one!

Shimelle Laine has written twice on this topic since my last post (which she was also included in). She talks about organizing an album of her "early years" here, and she's got a wonderful video with some tips for maintaining continuity in an album here.

Ali Edwards shared a video walkthrough of her daughter's baby book recently, along with copious amounts of photos and thoughts on organizing big album projects.

Elisa Blaha recently organized all of her parents' old photos into new albums and talks about the process and results here.

Stephanie Hunt, Owner and Product Designer at Bella Blvd, gave readers of her personal blog an in-depth look recently at her own album organization and storage solutions. She also shares her mini album storage ideas here.

Album organization is a hot topic recently! Which makes me curious- are any of you involved in reorganizing (or possibly organizing for the first time) your scrapbook albums? What's your favorite way to store and organize your layouts?