Thursday, September 1, 2011

mini album | summer 2011 update #2

So, that little 4x6 summer mini album that I started back in July? It kind of got lost in the shuffle of a bunch of other projects (and, ahem, CHA) and was sadly neglected for quite a while, but a couple of weeks ago I decided to rectify that situation. I was headed to a Friday night crop at church, so I packed up all the photos I had printed so far along with the little kit of supplies I put together when I started the album and headed off. A few hours and an order from Steak Out later, I had completed the album all the way through (almost) the end of June!

Here's the update on the completed pages...

Cotton Row 5K (and post Cotton Row 5K frozen custard from Frizzles).


We added a micro-irrigation system to the new garden areas around the house- basically it was an excuse to buy lego-like watering apparati and play outside for a little while. :) But it's also very useful since now we don't actually have to stand around and water the flowers- we can do it with just the flip of a switch!


Rejoicing when the yummy (and cheap!) crates of strawberries, blueberries, and cherries made a reappearance at our local Sam's Club for the summer.


Dinner at a great local Thai restaurant, Phuket (be careful how you pronounce it!)- with a Groupon, of course!


Just a few shots from my Mom's birthday party weekend. Some photos of her party have already been scrapped, and more are on the way so I didn't worry about getting everything in this particular album- just the highlights.



I snapped this awesome photo of Darren when I dragged him into downtown Nashville to buy a 50mm lens off of Craiglist. I was testing the lens on my D3 in the lobby of the previous owner's condo and just happened to get this shot! And then, of course, we went to Chipotle aferward.



General hanging around the house with the cats, and also another Groupon- this time lunch at the Po Boy Factory.


Making cupcakes to take to work- I do this sometimes when we have meetings. Except I think that all we do is have meetings these days!


Wandering through the Botanical Gardens and playing with my new lens.


Doing the same thing at Bridge Street.


Father's Day, back at my parents' house! Again, just the highlights as many, many of these photos are in the queue to be printed and scrapped.



A couple little goodies I picked up Father's Day weekend at HomeGoods to help organize the scrap room.


I still have the months of July and August left to add, so this is going to be one fat little book!! And I'm planning on making one for the Fall, too!