Sunday, September 18, 2011

geek girl | on star wars, casting, and bruce campbell

So, Suvudu has been having casting "polls" for the last couple of weeks in honor of the 20th (OMG, 20th??!?!) anniversary of the debut of Timothy Zahn's Heir to the Empire. Otherwise known as the book that got me into Star Wars. When I was 12. Please don't do the math.

Back to Suvudu's casting call...I was fine with it when they were talking about characters like Mara Jade and Talon Kaarde- you know, the "new" people. But when they got to characters from the original trilogy it got a little weird for me. The saving grace? David Tennant was one of the choices for Wedge Antilles- I can totally see that, straight down to the Scottish accent. But the Han Solo choices? Give me a break! There's only one other man besides Harrison Ford who could play that part- Bruce Campbell. :) Sorry, Nathan Fillion- you played an awesome smuggler on Firefly, but Bruce totally has you on this one.

Okay, now that I've had my little rant, it's time to look at some other stuff from around geekville...

From the top left:
Until next time, geek out, peeps!