Wednesday, August 17, 2011

use your scraps week | tags

Good afternoon, everyone!! I'm back with another installment of "Use Your Scraps," this time focusing on making tags. This project is great for using up both those longer strips of paper (such as the ones used for yesterday's cards) and any smaller chunks of paper you may have, as well

These tags are based on this post at Crate Paper, made using their awesome border stickers. As soon as I saw Kinsey's tags, I thought that you could totally get the same effect with border punches or even decorative edged scissors, so I broke out a few punches and a bunch of scraps and got down to business.


The first step was punching the edges of each scrap. Notice that I just punched each scrap without trimming, no matter how wide (tall) it was. More on that in a bit.


The next step was to then trim the punched pieces into strips that were around 1/2" to 3/4" in width. I didn't trim the papers beforehand because different borders punch at different depths, and there was a chance that I could end up with strips too narrow to adhere!


The cool thing about these tags is that you can make a bunch at once!! I started by adding adhesive (again, with the trusty ATG gun) to the back of each strip and then starting with just a single tag at the end I arranged the strips in overlapping layers starting from the bottom and working my way up. Be careful when doing this that you don't press too hard on the portions of the strip not on the tag- you don't want to stick them to your work surface!


To make multiple tags, all you have to do is flip the first tag over with the strips still attached, then add more tags to the row until you run out of space.


Then it's a simple matter of cutting the tags apart, adding some baker's twine or string, and stamping sentiments (if you so desire). I tried a rub-on for my first tag, but after discovering that the darned thing had dried out too much to stick well I switched over to the same Just the Ticket stamp set from Papertrey that I used on yesterday's cards.


While longer paper scraps work well for mass producing these tags, they're also totally doable with smaller chunks of paper, too! I dug into my purple scrap drawer and pulled out these pieces...


...which I then punched and adhered to a pair of tags.


And here they are after cutting them apart and adding some finishing touches!


Tomorrow I'll be posting the final installment of Use Your Scraps week and exploring a creative use for some of the tiniest pieces in your scrap drawers. See you then!