Monday, August 8, 2011

sweet peach layout | aruban sunset


Ah, beautiful Aruba!! I can't think of a better subject for my first layout with this month's Sweet Peach kit. There are nights when Darren and I will be walking somewhere warm (usually the quite un-tropical Sam's Club parking lot), and if a breeze picks up just right we could both swear we're walking through the courtyard of our hotel in Oranjestad again.


I took this photo (actually a whole series of them) on our last night there as we sat enjoying the sunset at Arashi beach. I think the black Authentique paper at the top of the page carries the "sun" theme well, as do the painted circles and gold doily rub-ons.


Speaking of those painted circles, I've got a tutorial up right now on the Sweet Peach blog showing how I made them using stuff that I raided from my kitchen cabinets. And, yes, I did wash all those dishes afterward, and the yellow paint came right off. :)


Just tonight Darren and I were trying to decide what to do with some AirTran frequent flyer miles that are about to expire. Aruba isn't available right now, but Bermuda is and we could put just a little bit with it and both go there for a weekend. In the end we decided, though, to just use those miles to go to DC in October and save what we would have spent on Bermuda for our next trip to Aruba. We've been dreaming of going back ever since we left!