Tuesday, August 9, 2011

the rest of the story | seroe colorado fail


Several weeks ago I shared this layout about the adventure Darren and I had when we completely failed to find the natural bridge at Seroe Colorado in Aruba. That layout is cute, fun, totally my style, and I completely love it. But, as I noted when I blogged the page, there's a lot more to the story that the journaling tells. That's where this page comes in:


It tells what I called "the rest of the story" during my Style Reboot series, and that name has kind of stuck around here. :) If you're new to the blog or missed those posts, "the rest of the story" is where I take extra photos and journaling that didn't fit onto one of my regular layouts (since I like to scrap with just one or two photos and lots of white space so much these days) and slip it all into divided page protectors, perhaps with a little coordinating patterned paper and some embellishments thrown in if I'm feeling extra flashy.


The divided page protector then goes into my album, right next to the original layout! In this case I used some scraps of the same paper along with a few punches and sequins carried over from the regular layout to tie it all together.


I've actually got several more of these planned and laying around the scrap room in little piles of supplies and photos. If I could ever crawl out from under the other myriad projects I have started, I might actually get them done!!