Saturday, August 13, 2011

monthly photo roundup | july 2011

Sooooo much happened in July!! And sooooo much of it isn't even blogged yet! I spent oodles of time going through all my photos from last month just to get enough edited for this month's roundup...but now that the Aruba and CHA photos are all officially done I can finally start to catch up on the backlog!


Until then, here are some of the many, many highlights of July 2011:
  • Culinary adventures including making our own pesto and pasta at home
  • Running the Independence 5K at a personal best of 27:23...and having my cousins run it, too!
  • An early Independence Day fireworks viewing with my parents (my hometown always does it on a weekend, even if the 4th is during the week)
  • Lots and lots of trips to the Botanical Gardens
  • 4th of July at home with more the Space and Rocket Center, no less!
  • A trip to the farmers' market, complete with pretty flowers
  • Darren's trip to Kenya
  • My trip to Chicago for CHA
  • Sophie Clare's first birthday party
  • More trips to the Botanical Gardens (including a fig-gathering expedition)
  • Watching Ferocious Planet, which I never would have even considered had Joe Flanigan not been in it
  • Spending a Saturday afternoon watching the last Harry Potter movie and eating sushi and Thai food
  • Upgrading the light fixture in the bedroom to a cool IKEA piece that Mom picked up for me when she and Michelle went to Atlanta
  • Planting stuff outside
  • Lots and lots and lots of time at the gym- BodyPump is majorly good stress relief
I can already tell by the number of photos I've taken so far that August is a much, much calmer month. And, honestly? Calm is good right now.